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Garden Design Consultancy

If you are looking to update your garden and wishing to obtain guidance upon some aspect or element of your garden, Ken Haken, the proprietor of First Garden Design, will gladly come and meet you at your garden to discuss your requirements.

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Ken can discuss your garden’s current outline and offer guidance on how to improve its framework. He can also discuss different features that could bring a new vision to the garden. 


At the meeting you can outline your ideas and what you would like from your garden. Perhaps since moving in, you find it’s too much work to maintain it after a hectic day at the office.

Maybe it’s a new build with just a few slabs and turf and you want a modern garden to relax and entertain friends.

Perhaps you prefer somewhere quiet in the shade to just sit and read a book.


Your garden’s design is all in the detail.

Our clients will tell you that we spend numerous hours going through every component to make sure its perfect and will bring enjoyment to you.

Once we have finished sketching our thoughts we design the entire garden using the best Computer Landscape Design Software systems that enables us to show you in 3D how your new garden will actually look when it is constructed.

Ken Haken

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Landscape Garden Designer



Our charge for such a meeting is by our hourly fee rate, plus a mileage charge to cover our travel costs. If you decide you prefer a total design change and use this service, any consultancy fees are refunded.

United Kingdom

There are hundreds of Landscapers throughout the Midlands, across London and the Home Counties. We recognise that instead of using a Landscaper that is miles away it might be better to use the same construction excellence locally without time loss in travel.

Landscape Contractors

We only recommend a selection of Landscapers that are known for their high construction ability.

Digital Design

Once we have finished sketching our thoughts we design the entire garden with the best Computer Landscape Design Software to provide you with 3D illustrations of how your new garden will actually look when you are standing in the garden's center.

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