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Frequently Asked Questions - Garden Design

FAQs - Garden Design

We work all year round, come rain or shine. People often choose the spring to rethink their garden design when the clocks change and nice weather arrives, but we are happy to give you advice and guidance at any time, throughout the year.

Yes of course.

Over the past 20 year years we have found that many garden owners would like to refurbish their garden with a budget under £5,000. This means the design costs for taking a detailed survey, drawing a concept and finalizing all the plans with refinements, plus 3 or 4 visits to site could be about 25% of the budget so they often have the garden’s construction built on a “Build it and let’s see” arrangement.

This is not a good idea as a garden, because one has to contend with the type of soil, where the sun shines and which borders are in shade.

We have therefore added a ‘Small Garden Design Service’ within our practice that will build a cost effective plan at about 10% of your small budget.

If you would like to know more send us an email and we will call you to discuss the best way forward.

Yes, if you obtain the services of a professional garden designer such as First Garden Design. We survey your garden to show its perimeter and all its different levels. ‘True North’ is also plotted so we can track the amount of sun it gets throughout the year. This will show us the types of plants that will grow in the different borders.

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