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Water Garden Design

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Our client in West Oxfordshire realised that when they moved into their new home the garage was not only in a dilapidated condition but the entire property entrance was unwelcoming.

The client did not own a car so it was our job to completely re-design the driveway entrance and the back garden. The client had one small grandchild who visited on a regular basis.

At our consultation meeting, our client informed us that they loved water and many lovely memories meandering through Dovedale in Derbyshire walking over the stepping-stones to the sound of rippling streams.

The garden was small but with artistic flair we presented a totally new concept to their garden. With direct sourcing of a large granite rock and recommending one of our list of professional landscapers, the garden was finished on time and within budget.

The illustrations depict the original driveway and the finished welcoming garden towards the back garden.

Raised Bed Garden Buckinghamshire

Modern garden

This garden is owned by a retired professional couple who enjoys "pottering" in the garden. The garden is north facing and surrounded by old stone high walls of character. Our brief was to design a modern - classic garden with raised plant beds to save bending down so much and utilising modern natural stone paving. A seating area at the end of the garden was also desired to capture the sunlight and sufficient room for the grandchildren to play.

We had to negotiate with the neighbouring bank to move their escape ladder, positioned by the French doors round to one of the unseen walls at the side of the garden.

With a successful agreement, we were able to utilise the wall for climbers that brought interest as well as an uninterrupted view of the garden.

Our client was more than pleased with the final design and by one of our leading Landscaping companies the completed garden was constructed well within budget and virtually on time.

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