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Buckinghamshire Natural Garden Design

The garden for one of our clients in Buckinghamshire is rather small and surrounded by fencing and old stone walling. Due to its position it enjoys both sunny and shady areas. As a designer, we know that a garden needs to be one of beauty but also has to be practical.

Our vision was to design a garden to embrace the old walling plus a seating area, which was a must for the client. Water is a natural part of our countryside and is an element we often use in both modern and classic designs. 


As shown here the planting with few colours enables a person to be invited down the garden instead of all mixed colours that stop the eye at every step. The narrow Rill with water flowing from a low water feature provided an ideal spot to set a small seating area.

Grasses are ideal when planted near seating as they produce a quiet whisper by them swaying in the breeze.

The carefully chosen perennials provide ongoing interest throughout the seasons and with their different leaf structure, they still bring interest when the flowers are finished.

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